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Harpers Ferry – Part 2

Harpers Ferry, July 5, 2001 Part 2: John Brown's Raid The Ranger greeted the two dozen visitors who had shown up for the two o'clock tour.  When he had their attention, he began. "The beauty of this place is compelling, with large green trees, the Shenandoah River behind me flowing...


Harpers Ferry – Part 1

Harpers Ferry, July 5, 2001 Part 1: Remember the Past Photo credit: (I wrote the following almost 20 years ago. I love going to National Historic Sites. The Rangers usually do a wonderful job interpreting the past. The visit to Harpers Ferry in 2001 was not my first, and...


Juneteenth: Doing What’s Easy and Doing What’s Hard

Juneteenth: Doing What’s Easy and Doing What’s Hard The passage of a law establishing Juneteenth as a national holiday caused a gush of good feeling in the media coverage.   What does a new national holiday signify?  Government offices and many businesses close, many employees get a day off, and major...


My book Titled ‘Campaign for the Confederate Coast’

My book Titled 'Campaign for the Confederate Coast' Dear Friends and Colleagues, I hope this post finds you well. My book titled Campaign for the Confederate Coast: Blockading, Blockade Running and Related Endeavors during the American Civil War will officially launch Saturday, June 19, 2021. This coincides with Juneteenth, the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration...


Writing Is Hubris – Part 4

Writing Is Hubris Part 4: A Simple Twist of Fate All through this education, the Civil War was not far from my mind, for which I have maintained a continuing interest.  We made day trips to Gettysburg, Antietam, and Harpers Ferry.  The latter may be best known for the John...


Writing Is Hubris – Part 3

Writing Is Hubris Part 3: With Hammer in Hand I undertook an informal course of reading to learn about the history and chemistry of black powder and the history and operation of machine tools, water wheels, water turbines and steam engines, almost anything I could lay my hands on concerning...

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