Harpers Ferry – Part 4

Harpers Ferry, July 5, 2001 Part 4: Thomas Jackson’s Raid The Ranger led his audience back to the foundations of the arsenal building. "The machinery in the Federal armory for making muskets and rifles was state of the art.  The Confederacy knew that it would be important to keep the machinery in order to make […]

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Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry – Part 3

Harpers Ferry, July 5, 2001 Part 3: The Strategic Situation Photo Credit: Boston Public Library "Now, come with me, and let’s look at the strategic situation. The Ranger turned again to his right and walked out to a point of land about 50 feet above where two rivers joined together and flowed as one off […]

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Harpers Ferry – Part 2

Harpers Ferry, July 5, 2001 Part 2: John Brown’s Raid The Ranger greeted the two dozen visitors who had shown up for the two o’clock tour.  When he had their attention, he began. "The beauty of this place is compelling, with large green trees, the Shenandoah River behind me flowing into the Potomac River, and […]

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Harpers Ferry – Part 1

Harpers Ferry, July 5, 2001 Part 1: Remember the Past Photo credit: waymarking.com (I wrote the following almost 20 years ago. I love going to National Historic Sites. The Rangers usually do a wonderful job interpreting the past. The visit to Harpers Ferry in 2001 was not my first, and I have been back since, […]

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